Will Grant

Will Grant - Business

05 Jan Will Grant

Job title: Management Trainee Intern
Type of position: Placement
Company: Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Degree: International Business

Why I loved it:

“There was no limit to my responsibilities. As a twelve month intern I was asked to join a new branch and be part of a two man team. I was given similar tasks to that of an Assistant Manager and so I felt valued, even as an intern. I was able to compete against all of my colleagues in terms of sales and customer service, but there was still a great sense of community in the branch. The company provided many events that we could attend, to meet and network with colleagues of all levels. I was also entrusted with looking after some major accounts owned by the company, which again made me feel a very important employee.”

My best experience/greatest achievement:

“Achieving “elite club” for sales two months in a row, and enjoying two “elite club” events put on by the company in central London. In my eleventh month I was able to apply for my MQI interview which I passed with 97%, and was promoted to Managing Assistant.”

What I learned:

“As a twelve month Management Trainee Intern, I enjoyed an extensive number of responsibilities and have gained valuable experience in the space of only a year. I attained skills in management, business, marketing, sales, customer service and fleet control.”

About my experience/Tips for students:

“Do not panic and rush into your applications, the right time will come. Be patient, you will be disappointed at times and turned away by some companies, but use these experiences and scenarios make you stronger for next time. Be yourself during any interviews or assessment days, and enjoy the opportunity you have to express yourself.”