Victor Mgbachi

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09 Jun Victor Mgbachi

Type of role: Medical Laboratory Assistant
Type of position: placement
Company: Queen’s Hospital (NHS)
Degree: Biomedical Science
Year of Graduation: 2016

Why I loved it: 

The vastness of relevant practical information for your immediate and future personal and professional development is unparalleled. I especially loved it because this came from a variety of sources- from the recently employed to the long serving veterans and so on.

My best experience/greatest achievement:

Learning how a full scale laboratory runs effectively was eye-opening. I enjoyed the confidence to work independently without supervision relatively early in my placement and the success I had in transferring my knowledge and skills to two other employees hired just weeks after my start date.

What I learned:

The reality or implications of the lectures are better understood in a practical environment. If you truly want to understand what you have been taught, do it.

About my experience/Tips for students:

Queen’s Hospital is a premier acute hospital providing complex care and specialist services for the population of Outer North East London and Essex.  Queen’s is also the local hospital for the residents of Havering, Dagenham and Brentwood.

There are so many advantages to doing a placement than are immediately obvious. As someone who applied for a 3-year course and later changed my mind about doing that extra year, I do not regret the decision to do a placement. In fact, I cherish it. The most valuable benefit for me is that it has helped to clear my mind, organise my thoughts and sharpen my focus for a future career.