Varun Bhandari

24 Feb Varun Bhandari

Nationality: Indian
Work location: Saudi Arabia
Job title: Purchasing Supervisor
Company:  Astra Polymers
Degree : BSc Hons Business and Management

After gaining my qualification in the UK, I have been a sort of globetrotter, came back to India after graduation and stayed back at home for  a while, after a short while I got placed in Saudi Arabia with one of the largest groups in the Middle East.

What my job involves
I am responsible for a group of a team of five buyers, responsible for strategic and cost effective buying, sourcing new suppliers, coordinating with over 100 suppliers. responsible for buying for the new plant. Planning and making reports with regards to the important KPI’s.

What I did to get the job
I was always on the look out for a suitable vacancy, and made sure I was getting hold of the recruitment consultants because of their expertise in overseas jobs I also tried to find people already in the respective geographical area. Going to the classifieds. It can be daunting to apply directly through the company’s website as they don’t entertain such methods.

What I gained from working in the UK
I worked as customer service agent at Heathrow airport. I was a student mentor and a member of student representative council at the university. They give me a kick start in finding the right kind of job. During the job applications I was able to demonstrate that how over a period of time I was able to develop some of the most sought skills required to market yourself. I developed communication, planning and etc set of skills. I had all the transferable skills ready to be put in to use. I did not work after my degree . Recession was at the peak in the UK with no companies offering  jobs specifically for international students.

What I gained from the UK experience
I am able to market myself better as my international exposure gives me the edge in dealing with people of all types. I have a different perspective and the practical aspect of the course has been the best in nurturing me in finding jobs anywhere.

My top tips for international students

  • Start the job search once you enter the 3rd year or earlier.
  • Attend all the job related seminars and functions organized by the Careers service.
  • It is imperative that you are well versed with the deadlines of the companies you are targeting.
  • Register at all the leading websites showcasing the relevant jobs e.g milkround, prospects.
  • Be in regular touch with your Career Consultant like in my case who has been an important person in carving out my personality and assisted me with the most challenging questions on the job applications forms.
  • Get in contact with the biggest of the companies with whom you are interested in working with and frequently look out for the openings in a plethora of websites.