Vanessa Gibbs

Vanessa Gibbs

09 Jun Vanessa Gibbs

Type of role: Copyrighter
Type of position: placement
Company: Salon Privé
Degree: English with Creative Writing
Year of Graduation: 2014

Why I loved it: 

I loved this internship because of the amount of valuable experience I’ve gained and the range of work I’ve been involved with

My best experience/greatest achievement: 

The best experience was getting the chance to focus on my main interest of copywriting. I was able to develop the skills needed to be a successful in this career as well as contribute a large amount of work to my company, building my portfolio and gaining more valuable experience.

What I learned: 

I learned a lot about the industry and about the skills needed to be successful in this sector alongside the valuable experience of working in a small team environment and working with a high-end, luxury brand.

About my experience/Tips for students:

For those of you that haven’t experienced Salon Privé, it is a Concours d’Elégance unlike any other. Unique in the UK for the way it so successfully combines the British Supercar Show and Chubb Insurance Concours d’Elégance. It is a relaxing, glamorous boutique full hospitality Garden Party where spectacular cars shine, the diamonds sparkle and the champagne corks pop away.

My role involved a range of events and marketing related work and extended to producing a large amount of copy for a number of platforms including website, social media and marketing materials.