Valerio Tomasso


14 Jan Valerio Tomasso

“My placement application journey began exactly a year ago. I knew that my second year of university would be more challenging than the first; hence I decided to get a head start on working on my CV. I have used various websites dedicated to placements to create my ‘companies to apply to’ list, which featured twenty or so companies!”

“Before placement applications were even open I decided to pop into the Placement and Careers Centre to get some help with my CV. I need to say that they were vital in pointing out to me what information to display and how to highlight my skills as much as possible. On my first day of work, my manager, who interviewed me at the assessment centre, was still able to recall my CV! I used the PCC regularly throughout the year to check all my applications before sending them. They always managed to make suggestions or add improvements, which really made a difference.”

What I learned:

“In February, following over ten applications and two or three rejections, I had started to lose hope of getting a placement! However, in the span of two weeks, I managed to obtain interviews at three of my ‘dream’ companies. Rolls-Royce was the first one to invite me and I was asked to go to an assessment centre in Derby. I went through two tests, one presentation, two interviews, and a group activity. I can say I wasn’t too worried about the whole process, as I was convinced of not getting the job! I definitely did not shine in all the tasks on the day. My analytical test went horribly wrong; however, my technical interview went quite well and I managed to score higher than average on the logic test. I now realize I should have researched more about Rolls-Royce as a company, its sectors, and projects. I thought of the day as an excellent experience; it turned out to be proof that you don’t need to shine in all the tasks of the day to be successful!”

Why I loved it:

“The day after my assessment, I was woken up by Rolls-Royce and was offered a position within the Manufacturing Technology Team in the Gas Supply Chain Unit. I had managed to impress one of the assessors who offered me a position in his team. At first I was a bit sceptical about the ‘Manufacturing’ position; but this type of ‘Manufacturing’ had nothing to do with what I was lectured in at Brunel! It is definitely a dynamic and exciting field which is always striving for improvements and progress. I worked on a project dealing with Powder Manufacturing of parts and repair. I also worked on parallel projects which were aiming at making connections within the company, improving my confidence and understanding the company overall. They do really structure placements so that all students can grow and develop.”

About my experience/Tips for students:

“This was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. It was the perfect occasion for me to make contacts and not only broaden my technical knowledge, but also expand my non-technical skills. One piece of advice I will give, however, is that you should apply for a company and a position you believe you will enjoy working in. You do not want to wake up in the morning and resent the idea of going to work.”

“I definitely made the most out of the experience with Rolls-Royce, as the more effort I put in, the more doors I opened for my future. I realised that placement is not only an opportunity to gain experience in Engineering; Rolls-Royce is keen on taking students back who have shined during their time at the company. Depending on their individual performance, they ask their interns whether they may be interested in additional summer placements or even to come back as graduates. Going into your final year with a secured graduate job could make quite a difference.”