Trevyn Rayner-Canham

26 Oct Trevyn Rayner-Canham

Job title: Intern
 Shark Ninja

Course studied: Industrial Design and Technology
Year of graduation:

A brief outline of my role…

I was given the responsibility of carrying out consumer insights studies. Other than that I was there to assist my colleagues in their design projects.

Why I loved working here…

Amazing sense of family and everyone is there to help each other. My director Jamie and mentor Nick were always there to encourage me to take up jobs that I otherwise would not have had the confidence to do. Also my interest in consumer insights was taken into account.

My proudest achievement/experience in this role…

When I carried out my own focus group interviews. This experience gave me so much confidence.

How I have developed professionally since beginning this role…

I now know what goes into carrying out a consumer insights study.

My advice to students wanting to work in this industry/sector…

Make the most of this internship opportunity, because it’s a great one.