Toni Taylor

09 Jun Toni Taylor

Type of role: Researcher
Type of position: placement
Company: Pfizer
Degree: Biomedical Science

Why I loved it: 

It gave me practical experience in multiple fields which will be invaluable when deciding my next step. It also allowed me to apply what I learned on my academic course to real situations.

My best experience/greatest achievement: 

My greatest achievement while on placement was my ability to handle multiple aspects of a project and present my findings to my supervisors.

What I learned:

I learned a great deal about electrophysiology, a subject I would never have encountered otherwise. I also learnt that preparation is everything from lab work to life choices. It has prepared me to start looking at my progression after my course as I was surrounded by people who were able to give me invaluable advice.

About my experience/Tips for students:

Pfizer began operations in Cambridge in 2008 with the formation of a research unit dedicated to developing therapies for Regenerative Medicine. The company went on to establish Neusentis in April 2011 as a biotech-like unit combining research in pain, sensory disorders, and regenerative medicine.

My experience at Pfizer has given me great insight into exploratory research in pharmaceutical companies by allowing me to work on my own project. By doing this I have gained experience in skills essential in conducting research such as the decision making process needed to make progress, protocol optimization and presenting data. My main responsibilities included planning and conducting appropriate experiments on several aspects of my project. I was also expected to analyse the results and present them in regular meetings. On top of all my practical experience gained, there were also been plenty of training opportunities in areas such as statistics, drug discovery and several talks on projects in other areas giving me exposure to a wide range of scientific disciplines. My advice to students looking for placements is: don’t be afraid to try something you’ve never done before or considered doing. You will either discover something new you love or rule out an area you know you don’t want to progress into.