Ecommerce Coordinator – Temiloluwa Adedoyin

Temiloluwa Adedoyin

30 Aug Ecommerce Coordinator – Temiloluwa Adedoyin

Job title: Ecommerce Coordinator
Organisation: Canon Europe LTD

Course studying: Digital Media
Year of graduation: 2018

A brief outline of my role…
The main part of my role was to help out the Conversion and Insight team. Their main goal is turning data into action. They are in charge of A/B tests on the Canon store. In my role I designed wireframes, banners, and newsletters.

Why I loved working here…
I loved working here because my team didn’t make me feel like a intern. They gave me a lot of responsibility and allowed me to work on different projects. The team were really supportive, I not only felt like I was part of the team but I also felt like a colleague.

My proudest achievement or experience in this role…
One of my proudest moments was coding something straight onto the Canon store. It felt really proud to see my work on the store but also I was able to help out my team by doing this. I went on to do this again a few more times.

How I have developed professionally since working here…
I have more confidence when working independently and I am now more inclined to go for leadership roles. I can hit my deadlines even better than before and I have a keen eye for detail now so my work looks more professional.

My advice to students wanting to work in this industry/sector…
Do your research!! Not every team has the resources to train someone, go into every job with at least an entry level amount of knowledge. Ask questions and always take notes. You might think you’ll remember what person A said, but trust me you won’t.