Sonam Prashar

26 Oct Sonam Prashar

“As part of my placement I worked as a voluntary Teaching Assistant at a high school in their Individual Learning and Development department. My role required me to help pupils who needed extra support to complete tasks individually and in groups. The aim was to raise the standards of pupil progress. There are many behaviourally disadvantaged students who struggle with their numeracy or literacy. However, regular one to one contact improves their performance. The nature of a pupil’s difficulty ranges from Dyslexia and Dyscalculia to speech and language comprehension difficulties. Such weaknesses in the classroom often result in students developing a low self esteem and becoming emotionally vulnerable. Teaching assistants are asked to complete a record sheet every day, noting the learning objective of each lesson, as well as the problems their support student may have. Through the placement I acquired a wide range of skills which can be applied in a series of psychology related professions, in particular educational or social work.”

Why I loved it:

“I loved my placement because it provided me with the opportunity to interact and assist with teenage pupils who had disabilities and needed guidance with their work.”

My best experience:

“My best experiences while on placement have been getting a positive reaction from behaviourally difficult students who have completed all their work and are eager to learn more.”

What I have learned:

“I learned a lot more than I knew at the start about education schemes available in the state sector for pupils who require learning support. The Local Education Authorities supply an IEP Action Plan and weekly funding for statement pupils.”