Sonal Vyas


02 Aug Sonal Vyas

“For this placement my role was ‘label support’. What was required of me was to look after the key three artists by organising their diaries and calendars. I shadowed my colleague and then took over. The company I worked for was called East Side Records which is a music management company in East London. It is very small in size as there is only 6 artists signed to the label but the company also works very closely with a bigger record label called Island in order to give the artists the best opportunities possible and more exposure. The kind of music we dealt with was mostly UK grime and underground and we also worked alongside channel AKA which is a music channel that also specialises in this kind of music.”

Why I loved it “The work environment in itself was very relaxed and my opinion in relation to the songs of the artists etc was encouraged which made me feel very much part of the team. Professional academic skills were important but I also found that social skills were vital too.”

My best experience “The job also had brilliant perks as I was able to attend events to support the artists and along the way meet more new people.”

What I have learned “One of the important things I learnt is how the particular industry operates. It’s very fast paced and it’s essential to be focused and dedicated as you are responsible for these artists.”