Sian Blackmore


09 Sep Sian Blackmore

“I worked as an intern in the offices of the Parliamentary Resources Unit (PRU) in Westminster. The PRU is a researching body serving Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs. It was my job to write briefs, standard letters and preparations for question times.”

Why I loved it “The obvious bonus of working there, for a politics student, was the constant game you can make out of spotting politicians roaming the halls!”

My best experiences “My favourite, how to write a brief. After this training in how to knock out a fully referenced, comprehensive brief on almost any topic I am sure I’ll have no excuse not to be able to whip together an essay weeks before it’s due.”

What I have learned “I was assigned, much to my delight, to the team that dealt with defence, foreign affairs (whoo!) and business, work and pensions (less good). Within two weeks, I wrote two standard letters, one (and, thankfully, only one) questions prep and two briefs on countries. I can’t begin to say how much I’ve learnt about the countries I’ve written about, Iran and Burma.”