Shreena Patel


04 Sep Shreena Patel

Why I loved it “I enjoyed helping schools convert to Academy Status and guiding them through the conversion process. It’s very satisfying owning ‘projects’ (schools which are converting) and making and implementing policy which is of high Ministerial priority.”

My best experience “Working with children in care and care leavers to drive new policies was one of the most rewarding experience of my career to date. I had the opportunity to design and produce quarterly newsletters endorsed by the Minister and present to a wide audience including stakeholders, foster carers, children in care, social workers and local authorities.”

What I learned “Work experience is key. Once you have some experience behind you, confidence will be possessed and performance will improve.”

About my experience “Although I studied Multimedia Technology and Design at Brunel, I was able to apply to jobs in different fields. I am very pleased that my ‘roots’ are in graphic design and I enjoy fusing my design skills with my current job in policy. For example, I have had the opportunity to design characters and the layout for the National Year 1 Phonic test papers, which were piloted in 300 schools across the UK.”