Shahbaz Razak


05 Jan Shahbaz Razak

Job title: Commercial and Partner Specialist for CSS EMEA – Business
Type of position: Placement
Company: Microsoft
Degree: Economics and Business Finance

Why I loved it:

“At Microsoft, things moved at a fast pace. Processes were constantly changing and adapting each time was something that was challenging but rewarding. As part of my stretch project, I lead a team called ‘Love It’. Our goal was to evangelise our consumer products internally. This part of my role was very exciting as I met with different business group managers, which was a great way of networking and discussing the best strategy to help increase awareness. Also, I love technology!”

My best experience/greatest achievement:

“One of the highlights was the chance to go to our annual company conference. Our CEO Satya Nadella spoke and he was such a charismatic figure. It was great to get an insight into where the company is heading and what the plans were for the coming year. At the company conference, speakers such as Bob Geldof and Jeremy Paxman showed how so much more can be done with technology, if it is used in the right way.”

What I learned:

“One of my main responsibilities at Microsoft was ensuring that sale leads got through to the Inside Sales teams across EMEA. My job was to ensure all the tools were working correctly, and if there were any problems, they were escalated to the support team. If I had to summarise my job role, I’d say it was mainly based around problem solving.”

About my experience/Tips for students:

“Show a real passion when applying to your chosen companies. Make sure you do your research as this will show when you have interviews. There is a temptation to apply for everything that comes your way, but choose wisely and make sure your applications are of high quality.”