Satveer Chohan

10 Jan Satveer Chohan

“My role as Statistician within the Biostatistics department gave me a great insight into the way in which statistical trials worked and the in depth analysis required to approve a drug. I was able to apply statistical theory learnt at university in order to make small positive changes which helped create the bigger picture in deciding the success or failure of a drug. Due to the need to work closely with other departments, I had a taste of some of the day to day activities of the programming team. Working on a variety of assignments from reviewing essential documents to creating programs to producing tables and listings and carrying out quality checks provided me with the skills required to work in such an environment. From day one, the focus on training at Amgen was great! I attended various courses and conferences which all helped to broaden my knowledge of Statistics and Programming. Furthermore, I was given the opportunity to gain a qualification in a programming package (SAS) during the year. I always felt part of the team at Amgen, attending monthly departmental meetings and meetings regarding the issues facing Amgen allowed me to witness how companies go about finding solutions whilst operating in such a competitive market. Most importantly, working in a professional office environment has vastly improved my confidence and ability to work with others. I am very grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me at Amgen and I would DEFINITELY recommend doing a placement in industry!”

Why I loved it:

“The ability to work with committed individuals who found the time to help me make the most of my placement and learn something new every day.”

What I have learned:

“So much! Apart from the invaluable experiences I gained from working at Amgen, I have learnt a lot about myself as an individual.”

My best experience:

“From the many courses that Amgen have sent me on I particularly enjoyed a 2 day conference in Cambridge which provided opportunities to share information, problem solve, train and network. It was very well organised and a lot of fun! Also assisting in the recruitment of the next Placement Students gave me a good insight into the recruitment process.”