Sam Fulford


26 Oct Sam Fulford

“I worked in various roles on a range of different projects that increased my knowledge and experience across the company. The company recently formed from the merger of several ship building companies so gaining experience across them all was invaluable for my career development. As a developing Project Manager, I used each placement as an opportunity to develop each area of Project Management. I gained experience in Project Controls, Business Winning, Risk Management and Commercial. On top of day-to-day working, I also attended courses on Project Management and Management Accounting to increase my qualifications and have completed a number of “stretch assignments” to gain further experience outside the company. As graduates, we were given exciting opportunities to push ourselves in our development and were expected to deliver results in each placement. The challenge we faced balancing placements, training and stretch assignments meant we were well regarded in the company.”

Why I loved it “I  always had an interest in defence so when I learned that BAE Systems had a highly regarded graduate scheme, I was quick to jump at the chance. Now in BAE Systems, I have the opportunity to work on any of the projects at any of their locations, which gives me great flexibility in shaping my career.”

My best experience “I  enjoyed walking around the manufacturing facilities in Portsmouth Naval Base and watching as pieces of steel were turned into a working ship. You could see the shipbuilding halls for miles outside of Portsmouth but being inside is even more impressive.”

What I have learnt “In general, I  learned a lot about the effects of the external environment on a large company and the future of the defence industry. More specifically, I now understand the challenges that a Project Manager faces and I am confident that I know the tools, techniques and processes to analyse and overcome them.”