Letting Agent – Sally Shaw

21 Jul Letting Agent – Sally Shaw

Course studied: Mathematics
Year of graduation: 2015

When I left Brunel…
My plan was to find an office job as that is what I thought I would enjoy.

At the moment…
I now run a letting agency with my brother, managing room lets.

How my career goals have changed…

  • I was initially looking for a comfortable job but after getting an office job as a finance assistant I wasn’t happy. I didn’t like their systems and I didn’t like being given what I felt were pointless tasks.
  • I have paid for multiple training courses in property and now run a letting agency. I created many of the systems we use and it all runs very smoothly.
  • My career goals are now to cut down on working hours, we are currently recruiting and once we have found the right team and trained them I plan to take a back seat, invest into some property projects and start a family.

How I have developed professionally since graduating…

  • I have gained a lot of confidence. In my first job after uni I was very quite, hard working but bored to be honest.
  • Now I am interested in my job which makes a difference. I know the whole process of what my company does and it gives me a lot of confidence. I have no problem communicating with our tenants, landlords and contractors.
  • My main development is not having a job where I am bottom of the pile and my main goal is to have a relaxed working atmosphere.
  • I’ve learnt a lot about how to train someone new aswel, and when to make tough decisions such as letting someone go who is not fulfilling their job role properly

How I have developed personally…
I no longer have fear of people who are in higher pay grades and job titles than me, I feel I have a lot more life experience. More relaxed and less worries. My boyfriend earns twice as much as me but it’s not something I focus on. I want to be a landlord and have a nice amount of passive income, and I believe I am going to.

My advice to recent graduates/students graduating soon…
My advice is to enjoy university, you meet a lot of people and time is so flexible. If you know what you want to do that’s great, but don’t get upset if that changes.
If you want more than what you’ve got, then take action to get it.