Sajan Gurung

Sajan Gurung Photo

05 Jan Sajan Gurung

Job title: Application Support Analyst
Type of position: Placement
Company: Inmarsat
Degree: BSc Computer Science (Software Engineering)

Why I loved it:

“I loved my placement because of the friendly team who were always there to help. Also, the Fridays always felt like half days as there used to be a Friday breakfast followed by long lunch and cheap drinks after work at the company’s bar!”

My best experience/greatest achievement:

“This placement was my first ever full-time paid working job and it was a big lifestyle change for me to work 9-5, five days a week. At the beginning I found it hard to adjust to working as a full time employee. However, after a few months, I did adapt and even worked overtime, coming into the office early to get the work done. This experience has improved my planning and time management skills. It has also helped me a lot in my final year, as following the routine I developed during my placement year is keeping me up to date with all my work!”

What I learned:

“I reported to the Application Management Team within the IT Operations department, providing 2nd line technical application support of the BSS and CRM Business Applications to internal system users and Inmarsat’s distribution partners. In exact terms, I learned how to manage system support issues from initiation, analyse any reported defects to understand the cause of the defect, assist with system development and manage all support related administrative processes.”

About my experience/Tips for students:

“Don’t give up applying even if it’s taking months to find a job. The whole process of applying and interviewing will keep making you better for the next one and you will definitely get it!”