Sagar Padnegar

24 Feb Sagar Padnegar

Nationality :Indian
Work location: Hampshire, UK
Job title: Business Development Executive
Company: The Logic Group
Degree:MSc International Business Management

I finished my A-levels in commerce and accountancy. After that I completed a Bachelors in Management Studies. After my A-levels, I started working with a bank wherein I was involved in selling share trade accounts (part time).Then (post graduation) I worked with a finance company as a Sales Manager for 2 years.

What my role involves
I work in the strategic department of The Logic Group. Presently, I was on a graduate programme for a year – learning Logic group’s IT products and services in multichannel payments, loyalty club card, security & fraud and customer insight areas.Also, I am working as a project leader of webinars (online conferencing tool) to help The Logic Group achieve their strategic objectives. My key responsibilities include working across different areas in Marketing & Sales, managing new product launches and partner events, leading new partner referral programmes with HSBC.

What I did to get the job
I made sure I read reference materials and books provided by the PCC e.g. Magazines, company brochures and handouts. I also attended career events in Brunel to understand what roles were related to my education, experience and interests.I made use of  one to one career counselling sessions with the Careers Consultant for my course. I also used the PCC and UBS websites to scan jobs.

What skills did I develop in the UK
I started working in a coffee shop in Uxbridge for few months. Then, worked with Brunel university in many temporary jobs like (student tour organiser, Brunel library and Brunel UBS). I feel working in a coffee shop helped me to understand the preferences of customers It also helped to improve my listening and speaking skills. Through my different part time jobs at Brunel University, I learned to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. I worked as a Marker and Assessor with E-Thames college. Also, I worked with Blackberry mobiles in 10 carphonewarehouse stores on a temporary promotion project and this gave me confidence about working in the UK.

What I have gained from the UK experience
Studying and working in the UK has been an absolutely amazing experience. Studying at Brunel actually surpassed my student expectations. Whilst studying at Brunel, I applied for my present role through the Brunel PCC website. Overall I feel, Brunel university provided an excellent support to help me settle in the overseas life and to find jobs in the UK.

Top Tips

  • Use PCC and Brunel Library and Job Shop services.
  • Attend training workshops – e.g on presentation and communication skills.
  • Attend networking events – I think its fun to talk and meet new people.
  • Be aware about economic, political and social environment of UK and world – read newspapers.
  • Use networking sites like facebook, twitter linked in etc
  • I think the most important point is ‘To maintain a positive attitude’– I was struggling to find a job in my area of interest after my university; but with my positive attitude, I constantly corrected my errors and strategies to apply jobs. This finally helped me to find a job as per my qualifications.
  • Replicate strategies used by successful people in finding a job- How did they do that? What was their approach? Who helped them?