Sachin Parmar

07 Jan Sachin Parmar

“During my placement year I got a place at Associated Newspapers Ltd which is a subsidiary of Daily Mail & General Trust PLC, the company which produces various national daily newspapers, some of which are The Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, Metro, Evening Standard, The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, the newly launched newspaper I got from The Independent, other titles include, The Weekend Magazine, You Magazine and Live Magazine. There are many more titles which the company also produces which are based abroad, i.e Scotland, Ireland, Dubai and India. As well as newspapers, there are also many digital forms including,,, and many more. My experience during my placement was amazing I earnt so many skills that you wouldn’t whilst lets say “stuck in a book” or in “lecture notes”, you learn communication skills, presentation skills, you learn the ability to think quickly on your feet, and your problem-solving skills will improve vastly. You will learn all of these skills on a much more professional level. I was glad that I worked in an environment that was fast and was constantly changing each day, meaning a whole lot of knowledge and information was key to the job role. I would definitely recommend taking a placement. The experience and knowledge you gain whilst on your placement is invaluable, and will assist in future jobs and interviews, and your dissertation. To go back to your final year with the knowledge and skills you have acquired is irreplaceable and would benefit greatly.”

Why I loved it:

“Supporting various National Newspapers through various challenges each day, what systems which worked one day would not work tomorrow. It was that thrill of working to a deadline and working under pressure which is why I loved my job.”

My best experiences:

“Being part of a Windows 7 roll-out, helping with rolling out over 2000 PC’s custom built with Windows 7, using a corporate image, also building and rolling out over 250 MAC’s including iMac’s, Mac Mini’s, Mac Pro, Mac G5’s, Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air’s.”

What I learnt:

“I learnt the importance of teamwork, key communication skills, and problem-solving skills, how to just be focused and work to a deadline at any given time, whilst under pressure or not.”