Rochelle Lee


26 Nov Rochelle Lee

“When I first started my role as a student support officer I was unsure of the direction I wanted to take my career, I found myself in the fortunate position of being offered a job straight after graduating and wanted to use the opportunity to find out what I wanted to do whilst developing my skills in the work place. I have enjoyed my role and learnt plenty from it but feel that is not the area I would choose to continue in. I have since made progressive steps to pursuing a career in HR. Within this difficult climate I have met some obstacles, but am still persisting and have recently started the CIPD qualification in HR practice. I am continuing to apply and look forward to embarking on a career in a new field.”

Why I loved it:

“The role gave me a good transition from student life into the working world. I loved the variation of work, no day was the same. With a good balance of administrative work and professional liaison with directors, while also working closely with students, supporting them with personal issues and the organisation of student events.”

My best experience:

“For me the best experience was the sole organisation of the Equality and Diversity Student Showcase event, both the students and staff at the College thoroughly enjoyed it. It was exciting to see such a spectrum of immense talent, from street and break dancing to singing and playing of the Saxophone.”

What I learnt:

“Much of the role involved safeguarding young people. I dealt with complex issues such as drugs and alcohol, domestic violence and forced marriage which can be quite emotionally draining. I felt I grew in the role, gaining a better understanding of such issues and therefore becoming better equipped to advise.”