Robyn Davies


11 Nov Robyn Davies

“In my first week I completed stripping and rebuilding blowers; something which I had never imagined myself doing! But I have to say I loved working in my dungarees and steel-toe capped boots and have never learnt so much in such a short amount of time!”

“Taking on an internship was the best choice I made.¬†Even if this may not be the exact industry I wish to continue into, not only have I learnt so much more than I have in a long time but I have gained experience! I have also met wonderful people and started to experience what a real working life is like within the industry, which has helped me to start thinking about my future.”

“Working for Aerzen Machines was a great opportunity because I got to see all aspects of the company and in turn got to know every person in the company (there are approx. 30 people in the Loughton office). I worked in the Contracts department, After Sales and back on the shop floor again in Assembly. I also worked¬†on finishing up the company’s British Standard ISO 18001 certification, which will be examined externally.

Why I loved it:

“I have such good memories and developed close relationships to people who I will really miss”.

What I learned:

“I have learnt lessons you can’t learn in a university lecture hall and I believe that employers will be looking for that, thus this makes my CV that much stronger”.