Rita Qian Zhang

09 Feb Rita Qian Zhang

Nationality: Chinese
Work location: Nanjing, China
Job title: Assistant manager Prestige Banking
Company:  Hang Seng Bank
Degree : BSc in Business Management

What my job involves
Do wealth management for potential customers; do mortgage business for customers especially foreigners

What I did to get the job
Put CV on effective website; kept contact with local job agency to spread job searching information

What I gained from the UK experience
I did part-time job in a coffee shop when I was studying . This helped me to become involved in the UK people’s life, and improved my language skills in the UK. Also I knew a lot of friends through this way.I also joined  in Brunel sports team and did voluntary jobs.

During my time at Brunel I have been to Norway to have a Chinese cultural exchange speech and volunteer jobs through Brunel University career centre, and I then applied for the PSW visa,  then I did a part time job in Birmingham

My English improved a lot firstly and the life and working experience are now very valuable for me in my current job

My top tips for international students
Use the internet and the people around you, to hear what their suggestions are for you

Be positive, patient and communicable.