Resori Shermila Paulraj

04 Mar Resori Shermila Paulraj

Nationality: Indian
Work location: Boldre, Hampshire
Job title: Occupational Therapist
Company:  Cambian Group- Hill House School
Degree : MSc occupational Therapy

After I completed my course I joined as a paediatric occupational therapist (volunteer) at Hillington Hospital to gain UK experience. I completed my voluntary work and then started to look for other jobs.

What my job involves

  • Provide comprehensive and efficient assessments of children with severe learning disabilities and autism
  • Individually assess patients using sensory profile, Beery VMI, Good enough DAP etc…
  • Plan and conduct sensory integration blocks for children with sensory needs and plan sensory diet with other therapists
  • Conduct group therapy to enhance fine motor skills and gross motor skills of children.
  • Write up notes and present case studies to multidisciplinary teams

What I did to get the job

  • Collected information on all the Healthcare agencies in the UK ( HCL, Real Healthcare etc…)
  • Registered my details with them, kept updating my resume every two weeks and did follow up
  • My current employer considered my UK experience and offered me the job.

What I gained from the UK experience

Used to work just 4 hours on Saturdays every week.  Assisted a child with autism to play in the park.  I concentrated only in my studies and refused to take up any part time job apart from this even though the agency I worked for offered extra hours. After submitting my dissertation, I joined Hillington Hospital for 3 months and worked as an OT volunteer  I learned a lot from my seniors and head OT. I learned how to write notes, how to asses children using standardised assessments. I made many friends while working on my dissertation at the postgraduate study room. Some of my friends guided me how to apply for post study work visa. I have learned a lot from the course and the training. During the course I chose both my main modules in paediatrics. My employers were impressed with the course information I provided in the interview. The modules were OT for children, adolescents and families and managing challenging behaviours. Now I am working for a school where I am practically implementing my theoretical knowledge I gained from both the modules.

My top tips for international students

  • Try to update your skills by undertaking all the relevant courses eg there are many online courses available some free and update your resume after every course you take.