Raelene Lazarus

01 Mar Raelene Lazarus

Nationality :Grenadian
Work location: Grenada
Job title: Director
Company: WAVES Marketing and Media
Degree:  MSc Marketing

I returned to Grenada to assume the position of Marketing Manager with a telecommunications company.  I also served as the Assistant Director of Communications at an academic institution and the Head of Marketing for a leisure and tourism Organisation.  I am currently the director of a Marketing and Media Consultancy founded 6 years ago providing full service in all areas marketing and media.

What my job involves
I am responsible for developing visibility to create new business leads and leveraging single pool of expertise into multiple revenue generating opportunities.  As a Project Manager, I act as liaison between client and expert ensuring excellence in fulfilling the WAVES promise success.

What I did to get the job
This job was borne of a desire to be self-employed and therefore the company was registered a number of years ago.  I began with small projects done alongside a fulltime job.  Having lost my fulltime job in 2009 in the middle of a global recession, it seemed an appropriate time to channel my focus into the consultancy and try to bring it to the next level as a recognised entity and service provider.

What I gained from working in the UK
I was fortunate to have worked with Dr. Charles Dennis as a part time market researcher while at University and with Professional Sound People in the area of business development and marketing..  Soon after completion of my studies, I was chosen to develop a marketing strategy for a chain of dental clinics. Studying in the UK is a heavy financial burden.  By working part-time I was able to defray some basic costs of living.

What I gained from the UK experience
The hands on knowledge garnered through research and strategic planning has made me more confident in my abilities and deepened my understanding of the industry in which I work because it provided opportunity to put theory into practice and to adapt as necessary.I am unsure as to why I was unable to find  full-time employment in the UK.  My experience shows that while I was successful in being called to interviews and congratulated on conducting them successfully, the choice was always for another interviewee.  In the interest of improving myself for the next interviewer, I would probe for reasons or seek tips often to be told there was nothing wrong with my interview or qualifications, it just came down to choice and they chose the other person. I have had a recommendation from Dr. Charles Dennis on LinkedIn of which I am very appreciative.

My top tips for international students

  • Perhaps it is best if possible to find work during studies in the field and then by the time you have completed your studies, your employer knows you more and can better value your contribution.
  • It is also important to know your potential employer and align your possible contribution to the organisation’s objectives so that the employer sees the benefit to them by employing you.
  • Grenadian graduates returning home to find a job  should be prepared to demonstrate why they are the best fit for the role to which they have applied and be competitive while highlighting the skills gained studying in the UK.