Philip Carey

Philip Carey Photo 2

05 Jan Philip Carey

Job title: Assistant Programme Manager
Type of position:  Placement
Company:  Martin-Baker Aircraft Company Ltd.
Degree: MEng Aerospace Engineering

Why I loved it:

“The aspect I enjoyed most about my placement was being given the responsibility of contributing towards the development of life saving systems used in state of the art training and frontline military aircraft around the world. My position in the Programmes department also gave me the opportunity to interact with every department involved in the design, development, qualification and manufacture of such unique systems. In particular, through the environmental and seat test departments I was able to witness multiple full system ejection tests and pyrotechnic firings which were undertaken as a result of programmes I was contributing towards.”

My best experience/greatest achievement:

“My greatest achievement during my placement was the substantial contribution I was able to make towards the development of a gas initiated canopy fracturing system to be fitted to a trainer aircraft alongside its existing ejection seats. I was responsible for co-ordinating the manufacture of development and qualification hardware as well as management of the externally sourced equipment required to perform the qualification programme. As a result the first full system ejection test using the new canopy fracturing system was successfully carried out on schedule and within two months of the design being sealed.”

What I learned:

“Martin-Baker is currently the world leader in the design and manufacture of ejection seats and related aircrew survival/escape equipment. My placement was based in Martin-Baker’s Programmes department which is responsible for the management of all the company’s product programmes from conception through to delivery. As an Assistant Programme Manager I worked within a small team of programme managers focussing on the development and support programmes for variants of Martin-Baker’s Mk.10 and Mk.16 ejection seats. My main responsibilities included producing technical modification proposals, co-ordinating hardware assets for test purposes and liaising with both internal and external customers on technical and business matters.”

About my experience/Tips for students:

“I would strongly advise investigating opportunities at smaller companies as, in my opinion; they can often provide some of the greatest opportunities as a placement student through the potential exposure to a wide variety of disciplines that may not be possible at larger companies or organisations. Despite potentially being less well known the role they play in their particular industry can be significant and often highly specialised, providing excellent opportunities and experiences within the company as well as the greater industry.”