Parita Mandalia

29 Nov Parita Mandalia

“Since graduating I worked with a friend helping him film live music gigs in clubs and bars which helped me gain some experience working on-set. I also did some running/driving for a short film where I was mainly in charge of picking up crew/cast and dropping/picking up equipment. I did a couple more short films during a period of two-months until I landed an internship with, a script reading website which taught me a lot about what makes a good script stand out from the rest and how I can influence the writer to bring out the script to give it more depth. This internship lasted two-months and very much influenced my decision in pursuing my passion for scripts and their creation.”

Why I loved it:

“Every day was a challenge, you never knew what to expect so you went on-set expecting the unexpected to happen; and it did!”

My best experience:

“Shooting a Christmas party scene in the middle of summer was a challenge. Directing people who had never met before to stand next to each other and look as if they were a couple was too. I love the flowing “champagne”, the glitz and glamour, and everything paying off as the scene looked stunning.”

What I learnt:

“No matter if it is a paid or voluntary position by giving 100% each time you are giving yourself a big shot in being called back for future projects building an everlasting working relationship.”