Brunel University London Professional Development Centre

Ryan Nelson

"My role was so varied, with every day being different. My experiences have included project management, building services engineering, management, finance and commercial."...

Helen Swanwick‐Thorpe

"I enjoyed the variety of working in Film and TV as a production freelancer. I have been fortunate to work abroad and at locations across the UK and have met so many interesting people."...

Adil Qureshi

"It's a laidback culture and environment offering professional training with qualifications and the ability to progress further dependent on one's own ambition and motivation."...

George Coates

"I worked with the PCC as an Employability Rep, organising and helping to run events which promoted employability for students of Brunel University. My main job was conducting and co-ordinating several interviews with graduates of the School of Arts who had gone on to be very successful in their own...

Shreena Patel

"I enjoyed helping schools convert to Academy Status and guiding them through the conversion process. It’s very satisfying owning ‘projects’ (schools which are converting) and making and implementing policy which is of high Ministerial priority."...

Lauren Emanuel

"My name is Lauren Emanuel, I did a BSc in Sport & Exercise Sciences and a placement with a County Sports Partnership called Pro-Active West London. Pro-Active West London is responsible for facilitating recreational sport for the local communities within West London. As Pro-Active West London is funded by SportEngland,...

Dawn James

"This was a graduate internship funded by Brunel which I saw advertised on graduatejobs.com. The experience was very rewarding and also very hard work, not least because I travelled up to 1.5 hours there and back every day and as an intern I was paid minimum wage. However this was...

Beth Williams

"The team I worked with were great, really friendly and give me a lot of freedom as well as responsibility. As an intern I didn't feel any less important or less valued and one of the best parts was seeing your work out 'in real life' after all the work...

Dianna Reid

"Although it’s early days, my best experience while working in the Bureau so far is when I observe the one to one interview assessments when the advisors work with their clients. There are a lot of different people with different problems and different attitudes."...

Anthony Benford

"Working at Otsuka gave me an amazing insight into not just the IT side of the business but also how the whole organisation worked to fulfil its goals and how each of the departments interlinked and relied on each other for information, which is why IT is so important and...