Brunel University London Professional Development Centre

Will Grant - Business
Will Grant

"There was no limit to my responsibilities. As a twelve month intern I was asked to join a new branch and be part of a two man team. I was given similar tasks to that of an Assistant Manager and so I felt valued, even as an intern. I was...

Shahbaz Razak

“At Microsoft, things moved at a fast pace. Processes were constantly changing and adapting each time was something that was challenging but rewarding. As part of my stretch project, I lead a team called ‘Love It’. Our goal was to evangelise our consumer products internally. This part of my role...

Sajan Gurung Photo
Sajan Gurung

“This placement was my first ever full-time paid working job and it was a big lifestyle change for me to work 9-5, five days a week. At the beginning I found it hard to adjust to working as a full time employee. However, after a few months, I did adapt...

Rohet Singh Photo
Rohet Singh

“The most enjoyable part of my job was to go out on site visits with my manager as I got to learn a lot from an experienced manager that has worked for the NHS for the past 12 years. Something else I really enjoyed, which you might find weird, was...

Rikki Sargent Photo 1
Rikki Sargent

“Every day was completely different. A new project and a new scheme. Innovative, out of the box thinking. Problem solving in a real life situation. Having an immediate sense of seniority on site. You designed it, what you say goes!”...

Philip Carey Photo 2
Philip Carey

"The aspect I enjoyed most about my placement was being given the responsibility of contributing towards the development of life saving systems used in state of the art training and frontline military aircraft around the world. My position in the Programmes department also gave me the opportunity to interact with...

Kurtis Davidson Photo
Kurtis Davidson

"In my previous roles in retail, work became very repetitive and boring. Working at GSK was the complete opposite; I was motivated to go into work each day, learn new things and expose myself to many different areas of the business. This made me feel like the work I was...

Khadijah Pandor

"The best bit about my placement year was that no one day was the same as I was liaising with a range of stakeholders during my placement, so it was more than just sitting in an office. As I developed my employability skills I was given more responsibility, I felt...

Keith Ajagun-Brauns Photo
Keith Ajagun-Brauns

"I love meeting and interacting with new people so my favourite part of the job was the Make vs Buy Project I worked on. It not only gave me a huge amount of cross functional exposure, allowing me to work with people from all across the business, but also granted...

Intiaz Khan
Intiaz Khan

"I drove many projects to success by analysing new opportunities and finding solutions to threats. As my knowledge started to increase, I managed further projects that included risk mitigation challenges and cost reduction. I also discovered a disruption between the Operational Excellence team with their communication strategy and introduced a...