Padma Sanna

04 Feb Padma Sanna

Nationality: Indian
Work location: London, UK
Job title: Management Consultant
Company:  Self-employed
Degree : M.Sc Management

I was born and brought up in Bangalore, India. After a career and work experience of 10 years, I decided to complete my Masters, and hence chose Brunel University, one of my best decisions in my life which I am proud of.

What my job involves
I have a network of clients, for whom I help them in day to day admin activities, Senior Management related work, preparation of confidential reports for meeting, tenders etc.

What I did to get the job
I attended the various seminars held at the University which assisted the students to decide on what is best available option, and I chose this.

What I gained from the UK experience
I had a part-time job which was in line with my Masters course, and I implemented the theories I studied in my course at my workplace and saw a tremendous change in the way I viewed a problem prior to my course, during my course and after achieving a Masters degree. It was an amazing experience. I completed MSc- Management with a distinction in my final project, which has  really motivated me to climb further in my career. This was all possible due to the friendly and highly educated professors/lecturers at the University who provided me timely guidance during my course.

My top tips for international students
Be positive and  never give up. Don’t wait for things to happen, but ‘make things happen for yourself’. Hardwork and dedication  is very essential in every aspect of life. Sometimes, it may not be an immediate benefit/reward, but never give up. Keep continuing with your hard work and the final reward will knock on your door.