Oluwafunmilayo Vaughn

04 Feb Oluwafunmilayo Vaughn

Nationality: Nigerian
Work location: London, UK
Job title: Community Outreach Worker
Company:  NHS
Degree : MSc Health Promotion and Public Health

Got a job in Health Promotion and Public Health. Was volunteering in the time before the job came along. Also trained as a Diabetes Champion, and now a Diabetes UK volunteer raising awareness of the condition and assessing risk.

What my job involves
Health promotion (particularly amongst marginalised communities); raising awareness of the need of a proper diet (including what this diet is), and the need and usefulness of exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Conducting checks like blood pressure, Body Mass Index, and assisting with blood glucose checks. Data analysis, report preparations, preparing and delivering presentations. Raising community well-being champions. All these entail going out into the community with the health message, a strategy that also helps reach out to those who will not normally access main stream health care, and therefore are somewhat lost in the system.

What I did to get the job
Was volunteering with a similar team while a student at Brunel- continued volunteering after school. A job position opened up, on the team which I now work with, to which I applied to and got.

What I gained from the UK experience
Gave me better insight into how the work force is structured and how I could fit in. Also aided in understanding of what Health Promotion was in real life, out of the school walls.

My top tips for international students

  • Start volunteering even though a job is not yet in sight. Apart from the opportunities it can open, it helps you acquire work knowledge and certainly experience.
  • Look for a place where you see that your skills will be needed-even if not immediately, later on.
  • Don’t try to do only exactly what you have graduated in (your programme), try to think in flexible ways of applying your skills.