Driven by people – Nikita Arsentev

19 Oct Driven by people – Nikita Arsentev

Job title: Software Tester
Company: Knight Frank

Course studied: Computer Science
Year of graduation: 2018

A brief outline of my role…

  • Tested two systems for in-company use.
  • Wrote automation tests closer to the finishing date of the placement.
  • Did a lot of communication between international developer, in-house developer and other teams.
  • Resolved issues of employees ranging in position from negotiators to heads of city branches.

Why I loved working here…

  • Extremely competent workers, incredible support.
  • Your field of work and responsibilities are only limited by your desire to take on them. KF is really good at providing opportunity, one just has to make use of it.
  • Lastly, great people overall. I still cannot fathom how they tolerated my inexperience and mistakes.

My proudest achievement or experience in this role…
I got the opportunity to work part-time on automation tests after proving myself to be a competent manual tester.

How I have developed professionally since working here…

  • I finally understand that companies are driven by people, not automata.
  • Gained confidence in myself due to the constant communication flow between teams and presentations.
  • Learned to stand my ground if I find the arguments presented by developers/managers invalid. I also learned to adhere to a schedule and work under pressure.

My advice to students wanting to work in this industry/sector…

  • First of all, show you are a decent human being who understands social interactions and humour. There are plenty of professionals, but if they are soulless robots no one would like working with them.
  • Usually developers/testers/managers work in teams to achieve a common goal.
  • Specifically as a tester you will need creativity. Knowledge of the system being tested comes later.