Video Editor and 3D Artist – Nikita Airyt

Nikita Airyt

28 Jul Video Editor and 3D Artist – Nikita Airyt

Role: Video Editor and 3D Artist

Course studying: Visual Effects and Motion Graphics
Graduating: 2018

A brief outline…
My role at Deckbound was split between video editing and 3D animation as well as staffing video game events, doing photography and game testing.

Why I loved working here…
My role was very versatile and I had a lot of influence on what I would like to do and opportunities to work with software I otherwise wouldn’t have access to. There was always learning material as well as different tasks which added to the experience. My most memorable experiences were travelling and attending events where the team got together, demoing games and brainstorming ideas.

My proudest achievement or experience in this role…
I am proud to say I have done some animations, particle effects as well as so many other things, like promotion work and testing games that are now available on Steam. As an inspiring developer this is a confirmation of what I can do and it gives me constant reassurance that people enjoy what we have been making.

How I have developed professionally since working here…
I spent a lot of my time at Deckbound speaking to people directly and demoing the games, as well as speaking to my coworkers online every day, so I have gained a lot of people skills.

I have noticed an improvement in my animation skills as well as video editing, using Maya, Unity, and After Effects. I have experienced a lot of different perspectives of working at a video game company and this has taught me what I am less suited for, and how to get my weaker skills up to scratch.

My advice to students wanting to work in this industry…

  • Prepare a solid portfolio, website and show reel.
  • Always carry business cards on your person and be ready to market yourself at events, online and career fairs.
  • Small companies are a good entry way and offer varied tasks and roles while big companies are great for specialisation.