Nick Goodwin

21 Dec Nick Goodwin

“I completed a placement at Airbus UK in Filton, Bristol. It was been a very steep learning curve getting up to speed with various projects, but then I was able to work on Future Projects and In-Service Developments in the Chief Engineers Team on the Single Aisle A320 which covers a broad range of subjects. When I applied for the placement I really wasn’t expecting to get an interview, never mind get the placement because I didn’t think I was clever enough. I would therefore urge people who are applying for placements to apply for even the best ones irrespective of your grades. I think this achievement taught me that it’s not always the grades that get you the job, it’s often your personality during interviews. I chose to complete a placement because I was unsure whether I wanted to be a pilot or an engineer.  Working at Airbus gave me the experience I needed to make that decision.”

The work I did at Airbus was all pre-launch projects and modifications that are occurring continually to the 4500+ A320’s we have in service. Therefore what I worked on was quite commercially sensitive so I’m afraid I have to be vague! I attended meetings with my boss in which colleagues from other departments presented their work to a selection of people. Our role as Chief Engineers was to have a broad awareness on the whole project and ask questions to ensure the work satisfies the requirements sufficiently. I was involved with Requests for Work (RFW) which were sent to us from Airbus Central in Toulouse and requireed us to briefly investigate and then to task the relevant engineering departments to complete the work in order to issue a service bulletin (SB) or progress a product enhancement. The RFW will usually be ordered because of a request from an airline or an in-service issue that has arisen and the SB will be the solution for the airline to implement.”

“My boss told me that at some point he was aiming to take me to Toulouse to see the Final Assembly line (FAL) and the flight test aircraft. Also to Brighton to see the wings being built but I kept telling him that to pay our A320’s in service in Hawaii but he was having none of it!”