Construction Manager (UG) – Matthew Roger Burman

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06 Jul Construction Manager (UG) – Matthew Roger Burman

Role: Undergraduate Construction Manager
Company: Multiplex Construction Europe

Course studying: Civil Engineering
Graduating: 2018

A brief outline of my role…
I manage the progress of blockwork, dry lining, insulation and painting. I also work with the concrete package, managing the slab preparation and checking rebar pre concrete pour. I prepare and offer these up for inspection with the architect/client to get them signed off as completed works.

Why I love working here…
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Multiplex. Upon first starting I was taught everything I needed to know and then given my own areas to manage. The team I have worked with are great and work is a lot of fun both in and out of the office. On-site deadlines can be stressful at times, but meeting them is very rewarding as you prove you can meet personal and team achievements. We had plenty of staff socials, and this was an excellent opportunity to network and meet new people across the company of a variety of levels.

My proudest achievement/experience…
Developing a strong relationship with the Architect/client. I have site inspections with these guys three times a week to inspect all completed works that are available. Since taking on this role I have handed over/had inspections on a very large proportion of works on this job – Given that it’s a 250 million pound job that has 1.6 million sq.ft. gross internal floor area, it’s a lot of work to cover.

How have I developed professionally…
I have developed in many ways in my year with Multiplex. I have earned new qualifications through attending training sessions, including: SMSTS, CSCS, Working at Height training, Environmental training and Blue Vest training. I used my time to develop my professional network with a range of companies, including Multiplex, our client, the Architect, and several Sub-contractors. I have experienced life on a construction site and how things really work behind the scenes in the office. All of this will be essential and very useful for me going forward.

Advice I would give to anyone wanting to work in this construction…

  • Confidence is key – you have to work with Sub-contractors everyday and issue them instructions/request favors. This is much easier to do if you have confidence in your own authority.
  • Network as much as possible. Building connections is vital for moving forward with your career.
  • Try getting involved with as many areas in the industry as you can, e.g. working with different packages (Steel, concrete, fit out etc.) The more experience you have, the easier you will adapt challenges in the future.