Risky decisions – Maryam Al-Khalaf

Maryam Al-Khalaf

26 Jul Risky decisions – Maryam Al-Khalaf

Course studied: BSc in Business and Management
Year of graduation: 2016

When I left Brunel, my plan was…
To work abroad. After graduation, I did a six months internship in Fairmont Ajman Hotel in the UAE as a Marketing Communications intern. Currently I am working as a Marketing Executive in Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi hotel. This hotel is an architectural triumph acting as the centerpiece of Yas Island and is known to be one of the icons of Abu Dhabi due to its very futuristic design.

So far, it has been a great experience with lots of exciting events happening all the time. For now, we are getting ready for the Formula 1 which will be beyond exciting.

How my career goals have changed…
I never planned to enter the hospitality industry but now I’m enjoying every bit of it. My career goal is to continue working in the hospitality industry but maybe move into the tourism sector.

How I have developed professionally since graduating…
I have the confidence to network with colleagues, higher management, and other stakeholders. I’ve gained invaluable knowledge that I use in my everyday working life.

My advice to recent graduates/students graduating soon…

  • University is your opportunity to learn as much as you can, so take this opportunity to develop personally and professionally wherever you can.
  • Take the time to really think about what you enjoy in life and what makes you happy and don’t go with the flow just because society tells you so.
  • Be a risk-taker. You will never know where this risky decision will take you.