Mansi Desi

01 Mar Mansi Desi

Nationality: Indian
Work location: Chiswick,London, UK
Job title: Adviser, Personal Banking
Company: Santander
Degree : MSc Corporate Brand Management

I came to the UK with experience in the banking sector in India and an MBA under my belt. I then started at Santander UK as a customer service advisor part-time in a high street branch before I was promoted to my current position.

What my job involves
Responsibilities include fast and accurate cash handling, growing business by generating referrals for the branch and contesting for regional and branch level sales campaigns.

What I did to get the job
A strong belief in my abilities and persistence helped me find this job. I made sure my CV was well written and checked, then I started to approach companies in the sector that I had knowledge of from India ie banking. Once I had a company who was interested, I used constant communication and follow-up with the management reassuring them of my abilities.I was also prepared to start at a much lower level and of course part-time. My next strategy was to display excellent motivation and perform my job to the best of my abilities. I consecutively exceeded sales targets with a 3rd place regional ranking for the past three quarters. My performance was recognized by being offered a position as a permanent employee in June 2010 and an outstanding rating at Santander’s mid-year appraisal ratings-2010. I also bagged the “Best newcomer” award at Santander in September, 2010.

What I gained from the UK experience
My time overseas provided me with the necessary skills or knowledge needed in my career. It has provided me with a much needed exposure to an international work environment.
I have developed an adventurous spirit coupled with sensitivity, adaptability and flexibility.

My top tips for international students

  •  Be persistent in making job applications and have constant interaction with employers. Dont be hesitant in making a speculative approach.
  • Keep up-to-date with current developments in the environment and keep trying relentlessly.
  • Network, network and network followed by research, research, research.
  • Never give up ! be confident , factful and positive.