Luis M. Urbina


14 Dec Luis M. Urbina

“I worked in Equities Derivatives IT. Our mission was to support the Equities Derivatives department within the Investment Banking division. My assignment was in Risk Management systems, which helped the Investment Bank and the Finance departments assess the risk associated with a variety of investments in different financial products. My job included working software development in C# and Java, Agile practices, Database administration and development (on SQL Server and Oracle), software configuration and deployment using XML and a variety of other tasks.”

Why I loved it:

“There was a lot of space for development and I learned new concepts and picked up new skills. I had real responsibilities and the job was challenging. There was also a strong ethos towards giving back to the different communities in which we operated.”

My best experience:

“Working on projects that had high visibility with real responsibilities that are used by Investment Banking traders. The interview process (7 interviews, 25000 applicants for 100 jobs).”

What I learned:

“A lot. It is a new industry to me and I am still learning about financial products and new technologies I hadn’t used previously (e.g. .net). Understanding the business environment in which your job operates is a must when you are new to a company.”