Liu Qing

01 Mar Liu Qing

Nationality: Chinese
Work location: Beijing, China
Job title: Market Research Manager
Company:  Cummins Investment (China) Co.,Ltd
Degree : MSc Marketing


I had great individual development year on year, starting with marketing brand manager in Bosch and moved to current US company, I had worked in several marketing roles with product marketing manager, trade marketing mgr and market research mgr. These careers enriched my marketing knowledge, provided practical opportunities for me to work as a professional marketer.

What my job involves

  • Marketing intelligence management
  • Marketing research projects
  • Business plan and strategies
  • Business reporting

What I did to get the job
Research and networking  and building on past experiences in the same field. The degree also helped.

What I gained from the UK experience
I worked for a consultant company part-time in the UK to help Chinese students for their British universities’ applications. It’s great to help some talents who are willing to study in the UK; it’s been a valuable career experience to network with British professionals, as well as understanding UK’s education system. Friends made in the UK is a treasure of life. esp. if they are working in different industries, companies which the networking could be a strong support for my future development.

My top tips for international students

  • Highlight past work experience and personal capabilities in your resume.
  • Keep a learning mind even though it’s a job application, understand the company’s background and position profile before applying.
  • Match your background and strengths with the company or industry that you are willing to work for. Find out the gap and determine how to improve/change to meet it’s requirement.
  • Be well prepared for interviews and be confident to it.
  • Advance your MS tools skills! – PPT, Excel, Word, Project.
  • Keep searching; do not give up if something fails.