Larna Worwood

26 Oct Larna Worwood

“My work placement was the best thing I ever did. It provided me with industry knowledge and the experience that most graduate recruiters are looking for. My role was as revenue accounts assistant. Everyday I was dealing with the basics of accounting, making sure all the revenue balanced with the payments. I also dealt with the purchase and sales ledger and the audit preparations. I learnt more than I could have ever learnt at university. I met so many great people who I will keep in contact with and I had fun. The work was difficult but also rewarding, and every day I learnt something that will help me in my final year studies and the future. I feel more confident about gaining employment when I graduate because I have the necessary experience. A placement year isn’t just about industry knowledge, it helps build confidence and contacts for the future.”

Why I loved it:

“I loved being able to put what I learnt at university into practice and also picking up new skills which would help me when I returned for my final year.”

My best experience:

“Celebrity spotting! Sketch held lots of high profile events and had many celebs just popping in for tea. I met George Lamb, The Saturdays, Taio Cruz, Kelly Brook, Trinny and Susannah and spotted many more!”

What I learnt:

“I learnt how to use Sage, which is the most commonly used accountancy package. I also learnt how to be more organised and focused.”