Kieran Keene


07 Jan Kieran Keene

“GE is a great company to take a placement with, they have many different sectors of the business & offices in loads of different locations, meaning you can experience different GE businesses & see how each are run. You also get the opportunity to travel to different offices, meaning you can meet a lot of new people with interesting job roles. This gives you the opportunity to decide exactly what you want to do, which will help when applying for graduate positions. As an intern, my managers gave me opportunities to tailor my job to my likes/dislikes, I steered clear of programming & tried to take on more project management and business analyst work.”

Why I loved it:

“The job offered a lot of diversity, both in the projects you were assigned & the opportunity to travel to different locations!”

My best experience:

“The best experience I had was a business analyst role within a £250,000 project. It was a great experience to see the way a global company will roll out a new system.”

What I learned:

“I learned a lot . Mainly project management methodologies and process improvement/redesign methodologies. I worked a lot with the offshore team, so this helped my communications as we never met face to face, explaining could sometimes be difficult.”