Kerry Adams

Kerry Adams

06 Mar Kerry Adams

Job title: Campaign Marketing Manager
Company: Pioneer Business Systems
Degree: Modern Drama Studies
Year of Graduation: 2006

Why I loved it:

“I currently work for Pioneer Business Systems as a Campaign Marketing Manager. I use email, alongside other traditional marketing methods, as a tool to drive leads into the business. As part of this role I look at overall strategy for a campaign, forecast results and create targets as well as following the campaign through to implementation. In five years’ time I hope to continue to develop in marketing, rising within the company, working towards my ultimate goal of becoming a marketing director.”

My best experience/greatest achievement:

“I help promote our products and services to all potential markets and build a sales pipeline of qualified prospects.”

What I learned:

“An average day in the office can vary hugely depending on what campaigns we are currently running. Often I start my day by looking at the results from the day before and asses if we need to change any aspect of the current campaign to make improvements and also adjust forecasts for the current month. I then look at what we plans we have scheduled in that day, this can include what emails we have going out and what advertising campaigns are currently running, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and we are getting the expected results. Most of my day is then taken up with planning the next campaigns, everything from designing up email campaigns, organising our stand at upcoming exhibitions, writing editorial pieces to negotiating advertising to support our activity.”

About my experience/Tips for students:

“I studied drama at Brunel which gave me valuable transferable skills which I have used through-out my career. My importantly it taught me to be confident which has helped me advance in my role.

Take every opportunity that comes along even if you don’t see how it is relevant now as you will always use whatever skills you learn along the way.”