Keith Ajagun-Brauns

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12 Dec Keith Ajagun-Brauns

Job title: Intercompany Finance IP
Type of position: Placement
Company: Bentley Motors Ltd
Degree: Business & Management (Accounting)

Why I loved it:

“I love meeting and interacting with new people so my favourite part of the job was the Make vs Buy Project I worked on. It not only gave me a huge amount of cross functional exposure, allowing me to work with people from all across the business, but also granted me the opportunity to work with suppliers and gain a whole host of external contacts.”

My best experience/greatest achievement:

“One of my individual projects was to create a booklet explaining the process of calculating group allocation costs (on a basic level the sharing of design & development costs among various VW Group companies). After completing and distributing the booklet to a select group of employees I received substantial praise from the Finance Board Member at Bentley. Following this he asked that I also pass copies on to other Board Members and Product Line Directors. It was extremely rewarding having my work recognised by such high level employees.”

What I learned:

“My main day to day role revolved around our financial relationship with other VW Group companies such as VW, Porsche and Audi. Outside of this I was also involved in multiple projects; the most notable of which included a Finance Training Programme for employees in other areas of the business and a Make vs Buy Project looking at outsourcing and streamlining opportunities.”

About my experience/Tips for students:

“If you are a first year student do a summer placement before year two. It will give you some experience of what it is like to work in a full time office job (something employers want to see) and will go miles towards preventing your answer to “Give an example of a time you worked well in a team” from looking something like “This one time at university we had to do group work”. It also shows prospective employers you’re hard working and have spent your summer doing something productive.

If you are a second year student and haven’t done a summer placement, don’t worry. Instead do some volunteer work (obviously this applies to first year students as well). As cliché as it might sound, employers want to see that you are willing to give back to the community and some volunteer work will put you in good stead. This can also help to avoid the scenario I described in the previous paragraph with regards to application / interview questions.”