Juliette Walsh


09 Sep Juliette Walsh

“My role within the team was to deal with the referrals and enter them into the database. Each prisoner was assessed on entry to the prison by an OASys, they then were either referred by another party or themselves to the thinking skills course that we ran. I was required to assess whether they were suitable for the course by their OASys scores. Depending on their score they were then sent a letter telling them if they had been accepted or if not so, a letter stating why.  I was also required to do some filing for the members of the team and did various office jobs such as photocopying and answering emails. Although I was not able to attend the group sessions, I was always able to ask the psychologists how the groups worked and what they had done. I was also fortunate enough to attend the head of forensic psychologists monthly meeting, where I was required to write their minutes, and in doing so was able to understand how their regional teams worked and how they were managed. My experience with HMP Pentonville was both been exciting and rewarding.”

Why I loved it “I loved my placement at HMP Pentonville because I was able to experience something most people would not be able to experience. I was able to work with a diverse range of people, in a multi-disciplinary setting and have gathered knowledge in how people rise to the different challenges and experiences they face on a daily basis.”

My best experiences “My best experiences were working within a well run psychology team that worked at the forefront of helping the inmates improve their lives.”

What I have learned “I have learnt to appreciate and respect the prison environment and prisoners more, whilst also learning what it is really like to work within that environment and as a forensic psychologist.”