Industry & Academia – Juliana Byzyka


26 Jul Industry & Academia – Juliana Byzyka

Course studied: MSc in Advanced Engineering Design
Year of graduation: 2015

When I left Brunel…
My plan was first to succeed in my newly offered job position at CH2M HILL as Graduate Civil Engineer in the Highway’s team. However, at the same time, due to my desire to contribute in civil engineering to advance knowledge and become an expert I was searching for a PhD topic in Civil Engineering close to my interests in pavement engineering.

At the moment…
At the moment I am a 2nd year PhD student in Civil Engineering at Brunel University. My main research areas can be summarised as pavement engineering, patch repair failures on asphalt pavements, use of infrared technology in patching operations for improving the performance of pothole repairs and simulation modelling of pothole heating and repair process. I have already published three conference papers and one journal paper.

How my career goals have changed…
I have also been awarded Best Paper Award for my first published conference paper “Thermal segregation of asphalt material in road repair for my participation at MAIREPAV 2016 International conference. Further, I work as a Teaching assistant at Brunel University in both Civil and Mechanical Engineering departments. I am a Graduate member of ICE and Member of IET.

How I have developed professionally since graduating…

  • I am more confident to present my research to my peers.
  • I am more confident to participate in a discussion with other researchers in the field and in the Civil engineering industry in general.
  • I have enhanced my research skills, presentation performance, time management, communication skills, and writing skills.

My advice to recent graduates/students graduating soon…

  • Set goals and plan in advance.
  • Create opportunities for yourself in any area that you choose to succeed. Both industry and academia are challenging, demanding and competitive. This helps build a strong character and makes you fight harder to achieve your goals.
  • Be creative and don’t be afraid to tell your opinion and justify it.