Joshua Dharmanandan

12 Jan Joshua Dharmanandan

Job title: Facilities Systems Development Engineer
Type of position: Placement
Company: Delphi Diesel Systems
Degree: Electronic and Computer Engineering MEng

Why I loved it:

“I loved that I was working in a specialised and multi-disciplinary department where I was able to learn new skills from various fields. The main thing I loved was designing and implementing real life products that were used by engineers on a day to day basis.”

My best experience/greatest achievement:

“My greatest achievement was receiving a graduate job offer from Delphi. This included part time work from home while I was at university as well.”

What I learned:

“My responsibilities were to assist the company’s engineers with research and product development by providing solutions and upgrading facilities for them. This would range from small hardware solutions such as simple electronic circuits to multi-million pound software automated test facilities.”

About my experience/Tips for students:

“Job specs don’t really tell you everything. I didn’t realise how interesting and hands-on my position was until I started there. Also, employers are looking for people who are quick to learn and have the key competencies needed to work in industry. This doesn’t mean you need to have all the technical skills! I didn’t have any technical skills for my position, they took me on knowing they needed to train me, but that I had the core interpersonal and professional skills needed to do well.”