Joseph Pettit – BSF Bali Sports

Joseph Pettit

02 Jan Joseph Pettit – BSF Bali Sports

Job title: Intern/Volunteer
Organisation: BSF Bali Sports

Course studying: MSc Sport & Exercise Psychology
Year of graduation: 2017

A brief outline of my role…
I worked with other volunteers in a mixture of roles. Including event management, supervising events, minor IT/technician duties, coaching and participating in the various disabled sports that were hosted by the charity.

Why I loved working here…
It gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in a completely new culture full of inspiring people, with the opportunity to enrich their lives while discovering Bali as a country.

My proudest achievement/experience…
The wheelchair basketball event hosted teams from around the world including the likes of France, Thailand, Afghanistan (who were an all-female team) and many others. There was a lot to manage and keep running smoothly despite being very few of us managing the event. But we all pulled through with our various skills and a little maniacal motorbike driving, and made sure the event reflected the spirit and dedication of the athletes for the countries we hosted, and that they had a fulfilling and memorable time.

How I have developed professionally since working here…
Being immersed in a completely new culture with completely new people developed my social skills and confidence. The role itself developed my knowledge of general event management and problem solving, but particularly in sports events. I learned of the barriers disabled people face – particularly from SE Asian cultures – and ways to support them. I also learned how challenging and fulfilling disabled sports can be to play, for example how difficult wheelchairs are not to fall out of when trying to move quickly (which happened a lot).

My advice to students wanting to work in this industry/sector…
My main advice: be open and friendly! Not only does it expand your social circle, but your co-workers can provide invaluable support and information where you’re lacking, in either the role, or the country’s culture/places to visit. Do not worry if you lack the required experience, accept that and learn on the go.