Jonathan Silver

Jonathan Silver

23 Feb Jonathan Silver

Job title: Assistant Employer Liaison Officer
Type of position: Part-time job
Company: Brunel University London, Placement and Careers Centre
Degree: Business Computing

Why I loved it:

“I enjoyed speaking with employers as part of my role and was interested in finding out the qualities they looked for in a candidate. The majority of these employers were corporate with whom I maintained a high level of professionalism, handling their requests and queries in a timely manner. I had a duty to ensure that the information and records held in our database and on our webpage were up-to-date and accurate.”

My best experience/greatest achievement:

“As part of my role within the PCC, I was also actively involved in a project to improve the way students register with the universities Job Shop. Previously, students completed paper-based Job Shop registration forms which we found an inefficient process. Using PDF software, I created electronic PDFs consisting of validation fields and rules and created Java Script to automatically generate fields such as date and time. Students are now able to complete the registration process online, and the Job Shop has since detected improvements in user experience and efficiency gains in the end-to-end student registration process. I found this project very interesting and an exciting challenge and feel that the outcome has significantly improved the process in the long-term.”

What I learned:

“My main role within the PCC was to review the 5000+ vacancies that we received from employers and to coordinate the entry of these vacancies on to our Oracle 10g database. Once I received these vacancies, I re-worked the vacancies and translated them into job opportunities for students and added these opportunities to the PCC’s live Vacancy webpage. I am also trained in Squiz Matrix CMS. These skills are valued by employers and will be advantageous when applying for full-time jobs.
During my employment, I came up with new ways to advertise the vacancies and streamline the process. My role also involved gaining knowledge of the recruitment process, employment legislation and employment rights in the UK. I also assisted in preparing materials to research the destination of Brunel Graduates and reviewing student HR documentation.”

About my experience/Tips for students:

“Working within the PCC has been an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. I have acquired a variety of transferable skills which I can use in my career going forward which have complimented my studies in Business Information Systems. I would recommend that all students attempt to secure a form of work experience whilst attending university, either voluntary or paid employment, as I have found that this significantly improves a student’s employability. I think that the PCC offers ample opportunities for students to acquire career advice regardless of the student’s eventual destination.”