Joel Longbottom

17 Dec Joel Longbottom

“For my placement year I was lucky enough to secure a place at Mercedes-Benz High Performance Engines Ltd (HPE) in Brixworth Northampton as Mercedes’ Formula 1 engines involve HPE supplies engines to McLaren, Mercedes GP and Force India. During my time with the company I worked within the testing team as a Test Engineering Intern. The test engineering team get involved in all aspects of testing for the company and specify new testing methods as the need arises.”

Why I loved it:

“Being around so many engineers and technicians benefitted me a great deal in many ways, not only developing my technical engineering ability but also my communication and interpersonal skills.”

My best experiences:

“The designing of a rig for testing KERS batteries was very rewarding as nothing had previously existed for the purpose.”

What I learned:

“I helped to develop various other test rigs and equipment, as well as getting involved in day to testing activities.”