Jewhan Yoo

15 Feb Jewhan Yoo

Nationality: Korean
Work location:  Shanghai, China
Job title: Senior Designer
Company:  ID Associates
Degree : MA, Design, Strategy & Innovation


I looked for more opportunities in the world after study, and I could see pretty many possibilities and opportunities in Shanghai. So I came to Shanghai in a beginning of 2009 with a job offer then I have been improving and enjoying my life here. 

What my job involves

Planning design theme, concept and story for whole project and getting involved in design improvement and process. Participating in design presentation for helping clients know how to make a well branded corporate workplace that is distinctive and differential from others and whre staff want to stay and work. Executing design plans with PM staff by communicating with clients to achieve a good result and main goal.

What I did to get the job

I believe that it is very important to brand myself and it may depend on what I am seeing and trying. I designed my portfolio with what I wanted to learn. So in the interview I said that we have to do more studies based on design researches as it will lead us to become different from other competitors. And I think it was a key factor I did personal branding and pointed out what employers were looking for. 

What I gained from the UK experience

I was a manager for Made in Brunel Exhibition events as well as a member and an accountant of the Korean Society at Brunel. After handing in my dissertation, I worked in a space utilization research team from Brunel.

From the experience of being a manager for Made in Brunel and accountant for the Korean student society, this helped me have more networks as well as good images, responsibility and reliability. I could see ways to look for my further career and opportunities.

I experienced a lot of good things while I was at Brunel and in London. It was my dream destination for study and work when I decided to go. Then I learnt pretty good knowledge and perspective from my professors and classmates, and it helped me being out of my country. Still had good experiences and challenges.

I also got a lot of advice and comments for designing and preparing materials such as the CV and portfolio. Especially I got a big help for a lot of preparation from my career centre at Brunel.

My top tips for international students

  • Fundamental thing we don’t have to overlook is that there are a lot of competitors who want to do same thing like us. It means we should be distinctive and different from them by experiencing a lot of things, meeting new people who will give you help, and lastly finding out how to brand yourself.  
  • I am convinced that there are a lot of opportunities for jobs and careers. One very important thing is you have to be ready to adopt new things and differences because it is a totally different country with unique and distinctive culture and history.