James Price

17 Dec James Price

“While working for Apex Circuit Design, I was involved in a number of interesting and varying activities; these involved going on visits to “BRDsim” and “Wirth simulations” to investigate better ways to simulate our circuit designs. I also had the opportunity to take my ARDS driving test along with other employees which involved driving a Lotus Exige around Silverstone under supervision from a professional racing driver – I passed my practical and theory!”

I was assigned a project for my year at Apex which was also carried forward into my final year at university. The project was to look into improving the current speed and run off simulator at Apex by refining the input parameters and including vertical changes to the circuit such as banking, cresting, dipping and gradient. I was involved in a number of different projects which at different stages, from initial proposal to detailed design and FIA homologation submission.”

“In summation my first three months in employment were very exciting and challenging and allowed me to apply myself to a number of tasks and apply some of the skills I have learnt at university to real tasks, which certainly brought about a greater understanding.”

PS: I got my own business cards with my name and ‘Design Engineer’ on which was rather cool!

PPS: Money was also good to have!